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We have the best international Logistics Hubs located at the country’s main customs, where your operations have legal coverage throughout the customs process. We provide integral storage and handling services for merchandise, from introduction to delivery to the final customer.

  • Increased security in your operations

  • Reduced logistics time and costs.

  • Integral management in the supply chain


Fiscal Precint

With our integral storage system and merchandise handling, all the advantages offered by the Strategic Fiscal Precint regime are obtained and leveraged for any business model.

  • Strategic Fiscal Precint Definitive exportation of merchandise.

  • Deferred taxes for foreign trade.

  • Compliance with tariff regulations and NOMs (Official Mexican Standards).

Courier and Package

Delivery Companies

As a 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) provider with reception and warehousing centers for merchandise in Mexico, USA, and China, we offer the convenience of purchasing from any marketplace worldwide. We take care of delivering your merchandise with the best logistical strategy.

  • Fulfillment services

  • Cross Docking

  • E-commerce and retail services

General Deposit


We provide custody, storage, and handling services for merchandise with the exclusive benefits that Nexen offers under this regime.

  • Preservation of perishable merchandise

  • We offer financing options to our clients

  • World-class infrastructure. Issuance of certificates


Temporary importation of foreign merchandise for use in industrial processes.

  • Duty-free and VAT-free importation.

  • An ideal program for manufacturing industries, maquiladoras, among others.

  • Transformation or repair of temporarily imported foreign merchandise for subsequent exportation.


It’s profitable.

It’s Nexen.





We facilitate and consolidate the importation of raw materials or merchandise for commercialization and supply to the domestic market.

  • We handle the necessary procedures for importing products that your business needs.

  • You can engage in foreign trade operations even if your company is not registered in the General Importers Registry.

  • Receive merchandise legally, reduce time and costs.



We optimize the customs clearance process for foreign trade operations, handling imports, exports, regulatory procedures, and providing legal support at all times.

  • Legal certainty for compliance with current fiscal and legal regulations.

  • Comprehensive management of foreign trade operations.

  • Consulting and advice regarding customs processes



We have two authorized Zoosanitary Inspection and Verification Points for Importation, accredited by SENASICA, located in AIFA and Lerma, State of Mexico.

  • We provide the infrastructure to maintain the entire cold chain. First authorized IPVIZ in AIFA.

  • We help merchandise comply with sanitary regulations.

  • We issue compliance reports.

Data Stage


This system processes the information obtained from the database called “DATA STAGE”, which details the foreign trade operations registered by RFC, identifying aspects of inconsistencies and/or mistakes generated in the preparation of import and/or export declarations. With this analysis tool, specific reports (over 50) are generated, which are necessary and valuable for the control and validation of foreign trade operation information.

Module M

Module M is a system that allows for a prior review of the customs declaration once the validation signature has been provided, but before it is paid, using the metrics managed by the authority, with the aim of identifying areas of opportunity.

  • It is a 100% preventive system that reduces risks and contingencies that result in tax credits.

  • It verifies that the customs declaration is filled is coherent, if irregularities are found, it provides the opportunity to correct them before payment.

  • It is an agile and user-friendly web-based system that can be accessed from any device.


We manage everything your online business needs:

  • Order and inventory management.

  • Security in sales, purchases, and product logistics. Warehousing, packaging, and cross-docking.

  • Strategic management to increase productivity.

  • Legal Advisory

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